Know Your Network

Ontology Systems is revolutionising how telecommunication network operators get to know their networks. With our newly-launched product, Intelligent 360 for Network Operators, we replace expensive and fragmented views of your network with affordable, comprehensive and dynamic panoramas so you can truly know your network.

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Managing communications services is tough

Ontology Intelligent 360 for Network Operators assembles Dynamic Network Topology models across all of your vendor equipment, across all technologies and all network layers.

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Ontology 4 Platform

Ontology 4 is the powerful graph-based data alignment and semantic modelling platform that powers Intelligent 360 for Network Operators. It is also used in cross-industry projects like: complex data alignments, MDM data correlations, and enterprise application data migrations.

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Why choose Ontology?

Network Operators know more about the networks with Ontology.

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"Ontology’s semantic search-led approach enabled Ericsson to quickly and relatively easily combine device and configuration data to provide a single, accurate view of network misalignments – something we believed was not achievable using traditional integration approaches. "

Paul Turner, Data Integrity Manager at Ericsson UK

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