EXFO Acquires Ontology Systems

Ontology’s Common Cause Analysis module

More and more Tier 1 customers are using Ontology’s innovative Common Cause Analysis module which provides rapid analysis and identification of likely causes of observed network issues, based on end to end network topology and knowledge of open alarms. Here’s why.

Know Your Network: Now.

Ontology Systems is revolutionising how telecommunication network operators get to know their networks – and through this, their customers. With our newly-launched product, Intelligent 360 for Network Operators 5, we replace expensive and fragmented views of your network with affordable, comprehensive and dynamic panoramas so you can truly know your network.

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Managing communications services is tough – and getting tougher

Ontology Intelligent 360 for Network Operators assembles a dynamic network, service and customer model across all of your vendor equipment, across all technologies and all network layers.

Ontology 5’s Dynamic Data Sources now mean that real-time sources of topology information – such as orchestrators, virtualisation management components and EMS systems – can be used to provide the most up-to-date possible model of logical and physical elements.

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Why choose Ontology?

Network Operators know more about the networks with Ontology.

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"Ontology’s graph-data and semantic modelling technology provides the flexibility needed to deal with our wide range of our data sources.  It also enables a disciplined, agile approach to solution delivery with weekly progress that includes and enthuses end-users and management. The first programme phase has been delivered into operation after just 8 weeks of development. "

Giorgio Migliarina, CTIO at Telekom Malaysia

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