Tom Valis


Dr. Tomas Valis joined Celtic House in 1996. Tom is based in Toronto. Following an initial career in both academic research and Industrial R&D, he switched to the world of finance becoming an analyst in the technology capital markets. Tom holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto and was a post-doctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tom is a domain expert in telecom and networking with a focus on product strategy. As a financial analyst, he worked extensively with Positron Fiber Systems and led its successful private placement in 1996. On joining Celtic-House, Tom co-architected the Optera Metro Optical Networking product line at Cambrian Systems (acquired by Nortel) and was co-author of the foundational IP.

He continues to pursue fundamental technology investments. Tom's current investment focus includes Cloud Computing, Semantic Databases, and Virtualization.

Tom has served on over 20 private company boards. He was the lead partner on five major Celtic House exits: PixStream (acquired by Cisco Systems), Cambrian Systems (acquired by Nortel Networks), SkyStone Systems (acquired by Cisco Systems), NorthChurch Communications (acquired by Newbridge Networks), and Extreme Packet Devices (acquired by PMC-Sierra). Tom currently serves as a board member of four Celtic House companies.

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