Neotel uses Ontology to align and unify data across their enterprise IT infrastructure and Ontology Intelligent 360 for service management to align services data across their OSS/BSS.


Neotel, South Africa's first converged telecommunications network operator, chose Ontology to dynamically join, align and present customer, service, and infrastructure data from existing IT systems to allow Neotel to lower OPEX and speed migrations through a fully integrated service view.

Neotel has experienced rapid growth and continues to innovate by offering new services to its corporate customers.  As a result, Neotel needs to maintain alignment across its rapidly evolving infrastructure to support IT staff, monitor data quality and alignment, and speed complex IT migrations.


Ontology's groundbreaking use of semantics technology for bottom-up unification with a disruptively fast delivery model is used to maintain alignment across Neotel's rapidly evolving infrastructure including customer order management, service delivery and revenue data quality:

  • Systematically manage and monitor data quality and alignment across systems in the presence of constant network and system change as well as assist with Neotel's large IT transformation objectives.
  • Determine data misalignment across the key underlying NMS, OSS and BSS systems spanning CRM and SDH network data to determine stranded orders and stranded network inventory.
  • Determine service and customer dependencies within the network so that single points of failure and services at risk can be identified
  • Provide exception reporting to enable operations teams to work through actionable reports in order to address stranded orders and network inventory and improve the alignment across these key systems
  • Determine data quality issues from each single source such as naming convention errors, miss-keyed data entries and syntactic errors which have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the operations teams.


  • The implementation was completed in just 9 weeks.
  • Provided 360° customer service views, and views for service management, revenue assurance and data quality monitoring.