QinetiQ selected Ontology to provide key service assurance for MoD’s Enabling Secure Information Infrastructure programme.


QinetiQ, the international defence and security technology company, selected Ontology to provide key service assurance functionality for the UK Ministry of Defence's Enabling Secure Information Infrastructure (ESII) programme, for which QinetiQ is the lead services provider.

The ESII programme seeks to provide the UK MoD with a flexible method of obtaining cost-effective and timely research into the key issues relating to delivery of the Global Information Infrastructure. The overall multi-million pound programme delivers research, analysis and experimentation on behalf of the MoD to mature solution concepts that technically derisk the construction of a managed system for a group of complex networks that is both resilient and capable of resisting network attack.


Ontology was integrated into the overall ESII programme being delivered to the MoD to create a service assurance environment in which key user services can be managed across a federated heterogeneous policy-driven network of networks.  This will provide a service management capability to monitor and manage the user experience, and actively validate the application of new network policies across wideband mobile communications and infrastructure.


Reliable, unified knowledge models from diverse, rapidly changing data sources in rapidly changing operating environments.

Flexible presentation of the model in task-specific, graphical user interfaces suitable for consumption by both commanders and field organizations responsible for maintaining network performance and integrity to assure service delivery.

A rapidly-deployed solution that was built and delivered within weeks.