Light Reading Roundtable - OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV: Evolution vs. Revolution

  • Thursday, 5th November 2015; 07:15 am
  • 10 hours 45 minutes

OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV: Evolution vs. Revolution

Panel Discussion III: Visualising the Network: Impact on Service Creation and inventory

Event: November 5, 2015 | 3.00 PM - 3.50 PM

Venue: The Montcalm Marble Arch | London, 2015 

The implementation of SND and NFV is gaining traction and the demand for the visualization of networks is stronger than ever. Whilst operators announce their ambitions to deliver bandwidth-on-demand services enabled by SDN, it is necessary to question what effect this will have on the entire OSS stack and the various challenges telcos will face in order to cope with the rapid pace of change. These are just some of the issues that ‘OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV: Evolution vs Revolution’ will hope to explore when analysing SDN and NFV network integration.

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