Leo Zancani


Leo co-founded Ontology Systems in 2005 and is now leading the application of semantic technologies to management systems for IT, Data Center, and Network environments.

Prior to Ontology Leo held the post of Head of Engineering at Zynap Ltd which he joined in 2003 to establish a product engineering team capable of delivering strategic talent management software to government and blue-chip customers.

Leo spent the previous 6 years working for Orchestream which he joined as employee number 4, participating in both the original architecture of Service Activator and its subsequent development into one of the leading carrier-grade MPLS VPN activation solutions. Leo was appointed Head of Engineering in 2002 and became responsible for a large team of engineers at the company, which listed on both the US and UK stock markets before its acquisition by MetaSolv, and subsequently, by Oracle.

Prior to telecoms, Leo worked in software and laser optics R&D for the photographic and petroleum industries.

Leo holds a BSc. (Hons) in Physics from Imperial College.

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