Effective use of data is business critical. All data has value, but until now, the cost and risk associated with the activity of joining it up into a meaningful whole – that is to say, data integration – has meant that many vital business processes still depend on unreliable, error prone, manual data management and a typical user in an enterprise environment depending on many different enterprise applications to do their job. People share spreadsheets by email, cut-and-paste from one application to another, and store vital information in risk-laden local files.

This introduces unnecessary operational risk, inefficiency and expense to the business – all because data integration itself is difficult and expensive.

Ontology 5 changes all of this. It radically reduces the cost and risk associated with difficult integration of many high-variety data sources from a central, managed platform. It does this by offering an alternative approach to data integration and migration: search, don’t integrate.

Ontology’s agile semantic modelling and graph-search approach is faster and less risky than traditional approaches, making the data available (with managed data quality and integrity) for participation in business processes such as order management, service assurance and change planning.

The visibility, easy access and easy discovery of important links this creates can finally bring to an end risky and inefficient ad-hoc data sharing and processing.