Extracting accurate and secure enterprise service topologies - on demand

Manually compiling views for complex enterprise customers is simply too slow and error prone to meet a modern customer's expectations.

In recent years mobile and fixed operators have both focussed on winning profitable enterprise customers.

But an enterprise IT buyer rightfully expects the operator to be able to present accurate and timely reports on their subscribed services, performance and inventory. This same buyer would be surprised at the amount of manual labour involved in the visio diagrams and spreadsheets delivered by their friendly customers services representatives.

At Ontology, we know of account and service managers that spend a majority of their time gathering enterprise services data before meetings with existing customers. Even more time is spent gathering data to troubleshoot problems. This is time that should be spent offering new serives and supporting larger numbers of revenue generating clients. 

Ontology can help.

A major UK Mobile operator, Neotel Network and Internet Solutions SA Case Study

A major UK Mobile operator, Neotel Network and Internet Solutions SA

Case Study



All three of these operators realised that the need to generate enterprise customer network diagrams and service topologies was slowing down customer care and sales efficiency. Customer service representatives were spending up to a quarter of their time trawling through systems to build manual network diagrams for their prospects. This wasted time and delayed sales.



Internet solutions deployed Ontology to combine sales databases – like Siebel, SFDC and other CRMS with network data and automatically generate formatted excel spreadsheets of customer audits in 2012. More recently Intelligent 360 Customer and Infrastructure Navigation has been used at Neotel and the UK operator to provide dynamic web-based reports showing topology and services of any individual enterprise customer on demand.



    • In each case, the solution was deployed in a only few months. 
    • The ability to mix CRM/BSS and network data freed the sales person or services manager to see more customers. 
    • Accuracy was improved, before Ontology sales and service staff were often afraid of getting the customer service inventory or list wrong. More confident upsell and faster issue resolution is a benefit of Ontology’s accuracy.

"Ontology has already proved a valuable tool for Neotel and we are pleased to extend our use of Ontology to help improve our service management. The SaaS deployment option provides Neotel with a low monthly cost and we are looking forward to this solution helping us to recognise even more benefits for our business and customers.

Using Ontology we are able to unify structured billing data with unstructured data locked away in customer contract and SLA documents. The data is delivered in a dashboard to our CSRs who now respond accurately to billing disputes. The materialisation of Ontology’s Rothko vision into Ontology 4 has shortened billing dispute resolution times, improved accuracy and has enabled us to increase customer satisfaction through timely access to accurate data. "

Phinda Ncala, Neotel CIO

"Ontology automates and operationalises our manual audit process, improving efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction and dramatically lowering OPEX. "

Daniel Schultz, Manager of Voice, Billing and Provisioning at Internet Solutions